What is landscape lighting?

Landscape lighting is a system of low voltage lights that can be used all around your property for a wide variety of uses.


Why should I invest in landscape lighting?

  • Security - Low voltage floodlights are an excellent choice for strategically placed lighting. They provide smooth, even lighting for your entire home.
  • Beauty - Landscape lighting is a beautiful way to add usability to your deck, pools, walkways, and sitting areas.
  • Economic- Save money with landscape lighting! Did you know that low voltage lighting uses about 1/3 the electricity of a high-voltage floodlight. Plus, they can be far less expensive to install.


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What makes Lightscape of New England so special?

We work as a team, from the office to the homeowner. Plus, we deliver prompt, professional service before and after the sale. Over the past 20 years Wilde Irrigation and Lightscape of New England has steadily grow by building on a solid foundation of quality work and excellent customer service. Call us today and see how we can help beautify your home.



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What other services do you offer?

We also offer irrigation system installation and maintenance. For more information please see Wilde Irrigation.


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